Pacific Collegiate Foundation
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Hello PCS Alumni


PCS Alumni Are Helping to Build PCS’s New Home


In November 2015 PCS will finally have a permanent home. No more church buildings or

miniature toilets for us!


We want this to be a home for current and future students, and former students, too.


As the Foundation's capital campaign, Building a Home for Excellence, is winding down, more help is still needed.


The Foundation has secured more than $8.7 million in gifts and pledges from individual donors. Over $30,000 was raised from PCS alumni donors!


We are seeking additional outright gifts and multi-year pledges so that monthly payments are affordable.


Please, lend your support now!


Here's a special opportunity available only to PCS alumni. If you wish, you may “leave a

message” as part of a permanent art installation – messages, written on painted slips of art

paper will be held inside clear, glass tubes and arranged in attractive and artistic patterns

(see below). This art installation will be located inside PCS’s new home. 


Messages for Art Installation


  • For any size gift of $50 or less – alumni donors may include their name and PCS graduation year (if applicable)  
  • For a gift of at least $100 – alumni donors may include a message of up to 46 characters (includes blank spaces).
  • For any size gift of at least $250 – alumni donors may include a message of up to 108 characters (includes blank spaces).


Remind Mr. Koens how much you miss his game tables at lunch. Gather a couple friends to commemorate your 'crew' or write a haiku about your favorite lunchtime hangout.


Please help PCS move into our new home, and leave your mark on the wall for all to see!


Make a gift or pledge now!


Don't forget to fill out and send in your Alumni Letter of Pledge/Gift so we have your message. Or, leave your message content in the "Comments/Instructions/Message" Box on the donation form under Help Us Finish Now!